The School


This is a school where emphasis on the development of a balanced personality is the ultimate goal. Discipline, commitment, focus on set goals, the spiritual aspect of the girls and high standards of performance are emphasized.

Participation of the parents, which is of great importance is cultivated through the organization of academic days for parents, teachers and students. The school has a Parents Teacher Association. 

Facilities Include:

  • Plenty of water, all year round, supplied from the schools' own borehole.
  • A water treatment plant to ensure the water meets World Health Organisations (WHO) standards.
  • Dormitories with cubicles for privacy.
  • Fully equipped science labs.
  • Mattress, bed cover and pillow provided.
  • Modern Kitchen and Dining (Multi Purpose) hall.
  • Nutritious food.
  • School Canteen.
  • A qualified resident matron.
  • Round the clock security.
  • Spacious Classrooms.
  • Textbooks and exercise books provided.
  • Fully equiped Science, Home Science and Computer Lab.
  • Qualified graduate teachers.
  • School Bus.
  • A large field for games and recreation.

The Student:

The girls in St.Catherine Girls High School Machakos take center stage at all times. The school has dedicated amenities whichensures that their learning experience is taken seriously and at the same time enjoyed.

Student Welfare

The school is run on "Family System". On admission each student is assigned to a guardian/ teacher who will closely monitor the academic, discipline and general welfare of the student. The students are encouraged to participate in extra curriculum and community activities, games and competitions.


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